PODCAST! – Episode 08: Shh-Shh! Maracas!

Andrew is going through a career change, and thought it best to bring friend and ex-employee William onto the show!

Surrounding it by discussions of the floods in South Carolina and whether or not Luke Skywalker is actually represented on the recent “Episode VII” poster, Andrew and William talk at length about some of their experiences from having worked together, several years prior.

Also: votes are still being taken for “The Great Pizza Debate”! If you or your loved ones haven’t voted for #ToppingsEquality yet, hop over to the survey and help support a noble cause! (Survey found here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SRZJB83)

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PODCAST! – Episode 02: Light a Match When You’re Done

This episode was slated for special guest THE Lord Saunders; however, due to unforeseen self-inflicted stabbings, he was unable to record this week’s episode.

Fortunately!, Andrew had a recording from back in April, of he and Lord Saunders conversing about different odds and ends. In this episode, you’ll hear the struggle of Andrew turning 32, Lord Saunders and his alarming stance on cheesecake, some talk about Vine, and an attempt to keep Skype open long enough to record for a full-length episode. (Spoiler alert: they fail at that final item.)

Also!, there is a special announcement at the beginning of the episode. So… keep an ear out for that. It’s at the beginning, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

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How to find/contact “Room 173″…
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