PODCAST! – Episode 05: Lords of Saunders and Time, Part Two

The thrilling conclusion to our special “Doctor Who” two-parter, we reconnect with Lord Saunders as we further discuss… well, “Doctor Who”! In this episode, we talk about our excitement for Series 9, and what Moffat might have to do to ensure a female Doctor is workable across the fanbase.

In addition to the extensive Whovian talk, we break open August’s Loot Crate, and end off with a new “segment”: Unpopular Opinion!

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PODCAST! – Episode 01: Be Gentle, It’s My First Time

For some time now, the question “What is 173?” has been floating about. Now that there’s a “room” involved, finally an answer will be provided… right?***

In this special, two-HOUR-long episode, Andrew is joined by Kelley Hightower (host of the “Mating Habits of the Modern Geek” podcast). Join in on the fun as Andrew and Kelley talk about the companion episode of “Mating Habits” to this episode (ep.69, “The Virginity Episode”), as they ask each other “firsts/first time” questions, and as they geek out about certain highlights from the San Diego Comic-Con that stuck out for them.

There’s other stuff, too… but why spoil the surprise?

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***[Well, not really. But, hey, as you’re here, why not just give the episode a listen anyway, yeah?]