PODCAST! – Episode 09: Back By Polanco Demand

We’re back! … or are we? (Okay, we are, in that kind of “-ish” sense – but hey, new episode!)

This time, we’re joined by our friend from several episodes ago, Sean Ryan of “Alpha Counter“, “Mating Habits of the Modern Geek“, and “Whiskey Thursday“! We talk about some things that have happened during the many months since the previous episode, and we also share some now-belated thoughts on “Batman vs. Superman”.

This episode is dedicated to Superfan Robbie Polanco. This episode was recorded and produced for the sole purpose of preventing his having to set himself on fire. If you like what you hear in this episode, thank him; if not, thank him anyway. This one’s for you, Robbie P!

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How to find/contact “Room 173″…
E-Mail: whereisroom173@gmail.com
Twitter: @whatis173
Vine: Room 173 with M3JCNV
[You can also find us on iTunes and Pocket Casts!]


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